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2020 Last/First Round Endurance Race

Discussion regarding all things endurance racing!

2020 Last/First Round Endurance Race

Postby Mike Heggarty » Wed May 06, 2020 7:00 pm

As much as new faucets are on everyone’s mind.. I got to thinking in the shop yesterday..
Is anybody else interested in a longer Endurance race at the last Shanny event ? I’m thinking a 4-6 hr preferably a 6 hr. Perhaps we could split a Thursday with the school or just add a day ? I’ve never been a keen fan of this track or the drive to get there but this would make the trek worthwhile. Everyone has time to prepare no?
Thoughts ?
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Re: 2020 Last/First Round Endurance Race

Postby Davelaporte221 » Thu May 07, 2020 6:05 pm

Mike, I have been talking to Kirby about adding Monday on to the weekend. I think we could get a discount on the track and make it economical.

4-6 hour race would be interesting but some logistics such as lunch for marshals might be the challenge.

(2) 2-3 hour races might also be an option. This may be interesting since teams like mine might run 2 different bikes for the 2 races.

It’s like “whose line is it anyways” where the points don’t matter!

I think the weekend should be non traditional and we should be open to celebrate the anniversary with a format that is unique.

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