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Endurance Reminder.

Discussion regarding all things endurance racing!

Endurance Reminder.

Postby Percy W » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:38 am

Here's a little friendly reminder and my gift to you to gain you some laps.......
The Grand Bend race was a great one! Only one bike stopped early and zero red flags and stoppages.
Penalties that were handed out at GB were really easy to avoid and may have cost you some valuable championship mileage.
Most were... 'smoking in the hot pits' and 'shorts and sandals' in the hot pits. At CTMP you will be asked to leave the 'Hot Pit' area if you are doing either of these.
So do yourselves a favour and keep your hard earned laps , don't throw them away.
The Championship is very close and these penalties might really matter at the end of the season.
The Endurance Rules , found on our website, are worth a read. Pay attention to rider change and refuelling rules please.
Keep your fuel cans to 10 litres (over the wall).

We have a large grid at CTMP and a busy pit lane. Please make sure you are sorted out, squared away and prepared before you get there. Keep your pit space to what you need, don't spread out, we have a lot to fit in.
Please know the rules prior to the race.

A fresh batch of 'Canadian Vintage Endurance Championship' TShirts will be available at the souvinir booth .....get 'em while you can!

Great job all round!!
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Percy W
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Re: Endurance Reminder.

Postby kirbster » Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:40 pm

The other item that we had a lot of last round was failing to have your number posted on a board/somewhere we are able to see it.
We gave a lot of warnings last round.
Its right in the rules.....
Kirby Crosby VRRA #252
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