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Endurance Rules

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Endurance Rules

Postby kirbster » Wed Aug 10, 2022 12:35 pm

Based on this past weekend and also recurring items like gas can size, speeding etc, I would like for everyone to be sure and read all of the endurance rules.

The endurance rules are in the back of the rule book and cover endurance specific items.
In case anyone is wondering, I do my best to stay arms length from decisions in these matters where possible as I am also a competitor.
The pit lane marshals record infractions and report them to me. I generally discuss with them regarding penalties etc.
I also receive information form the track logs regarding on track incidents.

Our Race director and Referee - Chris Chappell is also consulted.

Our objective is to have fun while all following the rules as spelled out in the rulebook.

And when infractions are reported and confirmed- penalties are applied.

We try very hard not to be too heavy handed - the goal is primarily education and correction.
Generally we are more lenient than the rules require us to be.

If a penalty has been applied in the recent past- the same penalty will be applied for that same infraction in order to remain level and fair. If it is a repeat offence there will be escalation of penalties.

The endurance series has flourished over the last 5-6 years and I think it is working very well in general.

But please make sure you and your team members are aware of the rules. It only enhances the overall experience for everyone.
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