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Buying Tickets for the AGM

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Buying Tickets for the AGM

Postby Brian Stevenson » Fri Sep 15, 2023 7:41 am

Was looking at the HTTP headers we received on the web site yesterday and I happened to notice that a couple of the x-forward-for fields in the HTTP headers we received yesterday were looking for this address.

instead of this address

That &#136 character after agm is an unprintable character that represents a circumflex accent. Typically this gets inserted when cutting and pasting from a document formatted in French into a PC where the keyboard is set to English, or from a document formatted in English and his keyboard on the PC is set to French

The frustrating thing is that you can't see it in your browser bar because, well, its unprintable

If you are trying to buy tickets and you get a page that says "I can find that" that's what has happened. I would probably just make sure I clear all the characters in my browser bar - highlight what is in there and hit delete a few times - and type the address in. Or you can just click here...

Those requests were coming from Etobicoke/Mimico area in Toronto so if you are still having problems doing the above just send me an email
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