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Sidecar ride success

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Sidecar ride success

Postby Dave M » Tue Sep 05, 2023 6:23 am

The Saturday evening sidecar ride program at Shannonville was a great success again with lots of happy excited/nervous people out for a few laps on the Pro. We collected $670 for Belleville Hospital and John Bondar, Shannonville owner, has graciously offered to match that amount, doubling it to $1340.

The program gives great exposure to the club as a whole and draws on a pool of people already interested in racing and sidecars specifically. It helps generate future drivers and passengers and keeps this unique sport healthy and thriving.

Thanks to all who made it happen including Lyssa, Veronica, Heather, Jen, Sue, Chrysta, and Sandra (WOW - that is an awesome list of ladies !!!).

Special thanks to Gary Green. Gary packs all of the spare suits and equipment for every one of these ride events, cleans it up after, and takes it home again ready for the next time. He works as a volunteer all weekend, usually on bike pick up as well as doing this. I am thankful for the work of all the volunteers but just want to give an extra shout out to Gary for his support of sidecar racing.
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